The majority of people are either Mac or PC users.

This means that you can choose between Apple products and products made by other companies.

Apple products have many benefits but also come with a price.

A MacBook is an expensive purchase.

We will help you if you're new to computers or unsure if it is worth it.

Let's take a look at 10 reasons MacBooks are so costly.

Why are MacBooks so expensive?

1. Hardware

The MacBooks' hardware is amazing.

As you consider the many benefits of these computers, there are a number of features worth looking into.

Let's begin with the MacBook trackpad.

The trackpad is what the user uses to operate the computer.

These trackpads are widely regarded as some of the most reliable on the market.

The trackpad performs extremely well and does not require you to click.

The trackpad detects pressure and adapts to it accordingly.

You will get a great trackpad and microphone with your Apple MacBook.

These features will be sufficient to get by without any upgrades.

The MacBook's display is bright and has a high quality coating to help make it easier for you to see.

2. Special Batteries

A computer that can't run for more than a few minutes without charging is useless.

Computers with a very short battery life will be difficult to sell.

People want to be free to work from anywhere and not need to charge their laptops constantly.

The MacBook is made from special aluminum and requires special batteries.

These batteries can be customized to fit perfectly into the MacBook.

These batteries have both good and bad news.

They will last for a long time, which is the good news.

They are also very expensive.

An expensive, long-lasting, small and powerful battery will cost more than a regular battery for a laptop.

MacBook batteries can last for a long time and do not need to be changed.

3. Aluminium

Aluminum is used to make the MacBook's case.

Aluminum is very expensive and is why the MacBook's price is so high.

There are many great benefits to owning an aluminum laptop.

Aluminum is a strong but light material.

Additionally, the MacBook feels more premium due to its aluminum construction.

It doesn't feel cheap, but it does have a lot of features.

Aluminum exterior of the MacBook helps it resist wear and tear.

You will need to ensure that your laptop is able to handle the weight of your luggage if you plan to travel with it.

The aluminum construction of the MacBook makes it very durable and strong.

4- Easy Use

Apple products are unique in their approach to things. However, once you learn the system, it is quite simple.

The MacBook is an obvious choice if you already have an iPad and an iPhone.

There will be many similarities, and systems will also be similar.

You will be able to organize your life with a MacBook.

The MacBook is a powerful tool and device that can make a big difference in ease-of-use.

It won't take long for people who have never used a MacBook to understand the basics.

You can buy the product at the Apple Store if you are extremely concerned.

Your employees will assist you in setting up your MacBook.

This makes it easier for people who aren't computer literate.

5- Longevity

Cheap computers are bought in the hopes that they will last for the next few decades.

You would be very happy with something if it could get you through the next few decades.

Apple products can last for many years, however.

These MacBooks will last a lifetime.

Although the initial cost of a computer is high, it will quickly become affordable when you consider how long you can use it.

You may need some new technology, but you don't usually have to upgrade your MacBook because it has a problem.

These are built to last.

You will get more years from your MacBook if you buy an extended warranty.

It can be hard to choose between extended warranties.

You take a small risk by purchasing one.

You won't use it if you don't need it.

However, if you really need it, it will make you happy.

You will have to decide what warranty you want based on your current budget.